We believe in creating paths to opportunity through local transit.

Our Mission:

To prioritize and increase equitable investment into community driven solutions by advancing collective action among nonprofits, community organizers, private and public sector, influencing how vulnerable communities experience growth. 

Our Values:

  • Quality, accessible housing is a human right for all that can only be achieved by addressing historic systemic & institutionalize discrimination.
  • Economic opportunity is the key to a vibrant region and can only be achieved when we have strong local economies where individuals have the ability to choose their path.
  • Mobility is a fundamental need that provides all members of the community with access to employment, healthcare, food, and other services. 

Our Principles:

  • Engage towards a truly equitable, cross-sector approach in our work where solutions and strategies represent various perspectives, especially those of impacted communities. 
  • Strive to evolve by being nimble and open to diverse perspectives, allowing us to continually improve our understanding of the communities in which we serve.
  • Mobilize resources (financial, human, and other) in service of community.

Our History: 

Mile High Connects launched in 2011 to take collective action on community led & driven solutions in neighborhoods impacted by the RTD light rail expansion. Today, Denver is booming —new jobs, low unemployment, new transit, and the housing and rental markets. Yet, this booming success threatens the vibrancy of culturally unique neighborhoods and the benefits of this growth are not reaching everyone equally. 

To combat this crisis, Mile High Connects and its table members are focused on strategies that intentionally address disparities and bring community solutions to light. We are working in three target geographies and in partnership with organizations influencing regional and statewide shifts.

Join us in working to leverage the existing and expanding transit system to connect residents from low-income communities and communities of color to affordable housing, good jobs, quality schools, fresh food and places that promote activity and health.

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