We believe in creating paths to opportunity through local transit.

Mile High Connects Mission:

To ensure that the Metro Denver regional transit system fosters communities that offer all residents the opportunity for a high quality of life.

Why is transit so important to accessing opportunity? For many people, it means:

  • Being able to afford both quality housing and transportation costs in your monthly budget
  • Getting from the community you live in to a good paying job
  • Helping your child get to a school that supports their learning
  • Making it to the grocery store so you have food to cook a healthy meal

For low-income communities and communities of color, our social, economic and political systems create and perpetuate even greater barriers to these kinds of opportunities. As a broad-based group of partners committed to furthering equity in our region, we are particularly focused on strategies that intentionally address these disparities.

Join us in working to leverage the existing and expanding transit system to connect residents from low-income communities and communities of color to affordable housing, good jobs, quality schools, fresh food and places that promote activity and health.

Click here to download a copy of Mile High Connects 2017 Workplan

Click here to download a copy of Mile High Connects 2016 Annual Report

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