I’m looking for a job that can support my family, but it’s hard to find one that pays enough and that you can get to from my house by bus or light rail.

Dana, a single mom of a two year old, is currently on the hunt for a job. While Dana has a college degree and internship experience in her field, she is limited in what jobs she can apply to because she is transit-dependent. Additionally, when Dana is employed, she will likely lose access to some of the food, housing, childcare, and transportation assistance she currently receives. Finding a family-supporting job near accessible transit has left Dana job hunting for months.

The Challenge

Featured Resources

DIA Commuter Survey

2014 report exploring pass usage and other commuting beahviors of DIA workers by FRESC


Sun Valley Business Outreach and Support

Findings and Policy Recommendations on supporting businesses located near the Federal Decatur station and other parts of Sun Valley from the Mile High Business Alliance


Business Case for Transit-Oriented Locations

How Healthcare Employers in the Denver Region Value Transit Access


If We Built It, Will They Come?

Small Businesses Relationship to Transit


Not Just Any Job: Creating Good Jobs in Today’s Economy

2013 Report on Defining Good Jobs by FRESC


Enhancing Economic Opportunity through Transit

Lessons Learned from Denver’s Southeast Light Rail Line


Developing a Station Area Typology of Economic Opportunity

A Guide to Better Connecting Transit, Jobs, and Workshop Development


Greater Denver Small Business Technical Assistance System: Findings and Recommendations

2014 Review and Analysis of Support and Technical Assistance Infrastructure for Small Business in Denver


Equitable Growth Evaluation for the Denver Region

2014 Report for DRCOG and MHC Exploring Equity in the Context of Regional Economic Vitality


Denver Regional Equity Atlas

2012 Denver Regional Equity Atlas, Original Preceding Online Interactive Tool


2015 Community Facilities Scan

Data and Recommendations on Station Areas in MHC's Key Geographies


Regional Equity Atlas

The Denver Regional Equity Atlas is a tool to help raise awareness about the benefits and opportunities that a robust public transportation network can create.

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Sustainable Communities Initiative

Sustainable communities demonstrate long-term, proactive, thoughtful and integrated planning and development.

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Access to Opportunity Platform: A Regional Call to Action to Address Our Gentrification & Displacement Crisis

Gentrification & Displacement Platform


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