MHC Partner Highlight – Wells Fargo

June 1, 2016

Wells Fargo has been involved with Mile High Connects since its inception. In 2011, Wells Fargo invested $1,000,000 in Enterprise Community Partners to support the Denver Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Fund. The TOD Fund, which began as a group of funders committed to preserving affordable housing opportunities at transit stations, evolved into a group of foundations, financial institutions, nonprofits, and advocacy organizations. The collaborative, which became Mile High Transit Opportunity Collaborative, the predecessor of Mile High Connects (MHC), recognized that the TOD Fund could only create sustainable, inclusive communities around transit stations by going beyond financing affordable housing development, to include investment in workforce and small business development, education, and healthy food access.  MHC’s mission is to “ensure that the Metro Denver regional transit system fosters communities that offer all residents the opportunity for a high quality of life” which aligns with Wells Fargo’s mission to leverage human and financial resources to create responsible solutions that help all of our communities, especially low-to moderate-income communities, grow and prosper. Wells Fargo continues to serve on MHC’s Steering Committee and provides financial support for its programming because the bank recognizes our community has a unique opportunity, as the transit system is being designed and constructed, to help influence the transit system’s impact on critical community development needs including affordable housing, transit, workforce and small business development and healthy foods initiatives.

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