Highlight resources and strategies to fund first and last mile connections

Missing sidewalks, safety concerns, distance, lack of signage – all of these gaps can make getting from your home to a transit stop and from that transit stop to work, school, the grocery store or other services challenging. These challenges can be exacerbated for older adults, those with disabilities, families with small children and others.

Funding barriers and lack of clarity around who is responsible for addressing these issues can make it hard for communities to get their needs addressed. In 2015, Mile High Connects and Walk Denver explored innovative funding and financing tactics being used throughout the region to address first and last mile connections challenges. Read MHC’s report on first and last mile connections and click here for the WalkDenver presentation and here for the NRDC presentation from the release event.

Mile High Connects is currently exploring models to assess financial and social return on first and last mile infrastructure investments, researching how we have done with our regional investments from an equity perspective and highlighting local and national best practices with decision-makers across the region.


of older adults in Colorado’s urban areas indicate that the stop being too far to walk to is a barrier to using transit.


of people in disadvantaged communities across metro Denver commute using walking or biking.

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