Transit Affordability Efforts

Ongoing Projects & Grants 

BuCu West Development Association

Award Amount: $25,000

Proposed Activities: The grant funding supported a coordinated local effort in the Westwood neighborhood to organize residents to advocate for and create affordable transit options, improve active living near transit connections, and prepare a plan for implementation of the Urban Land Institute’s healthy communities plan for transit.[/one_half_last]

Globeville Elyria-Swansea (GES) Right to LiveWell

Award Amount: $22,000

Proposed Activities: Grant funding will support the convening of a collaborative Globeville, Elyria-Swansea Development Without Displacement nonprofit coalition, comprised of GES community leaders, allies, and stakeholders to launch a GES-based housing campaign and resident leadership organizing committee. The Committee will build community owned solutions centered on the most critical issues identified by GES neighbors: affordable housing, affordable transportation, and protection of the unique community.

Montbello Organizing Committee

Award Amount: $20,000

Proposed Activities: Grant funding will continue to support this emerging organization to engage residents and build their leadership and community organizing skills to proactively address issues they identify, such as access to housing, healthy food, and good paying jobs along the FasTracks system’s Northeast line and bus routes that run through the community in NE Denver and Montbello.

Metro West Housing Solutions

Award Amount: $20,427

Proposed Activities: Lamar Station Crossing is an exceptional example of creative place-making. It is the first residential TOD along the West Rail Line in an underserved, lower income neighborhood in the newly created 40 West Arts District. Funding from Mile High Connects assisted the organization in completing the last mile connections to the surrounding neighborhood and Lamar Station.

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