Celebrating the Power of Hispanic & Latino Entrepreneurs

October 14, 2021

From our October 2021 Newsletter:

A word from our Executive Director, Deyanira Zavala

This week, we wind down National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, a month-long celebration on the experience and imprints that Hispanic and Latinx culture leave on all of us. The Hispanic/Latinx cultural legacy is one of the reasons we found our way to this great city – from the Chican@ murals to the thriving businesses along Morrison Road, it felt like home. My summers with family working in their businesses shaped the person I am today and why spotlighting the resilience of Hispanic & Latinx businesses is so important to me. We are excited to share with you all a few ways you can continue to keep our community thriving, long after October 15th.

Entrepreneurs & Small Business: The Fabric of Community

One thing is certain – the Hispanic & Latinxs communities are not a monolith. But the strong practices & principles of community, family, and sharing are deeply woven into our everyday life. It is why so many turn to entrepreneurship and cooperative ownership as a path towards economic prosperity. However, access to capital still presents barriers and challenges.

One way forward is through Legacy Business Preservation programs. Check out Small Business Anti-Displacement Network‘s #ToolkitTuesday Twitter thread on this.

Community Spotlight: Raices Brewery

Among the vibrant landscape of Hispanic and Latinx local businesses, check out Sun Valley-based Raices Brewerywhere community and craft beer come together. With a small grant from Denver Arts & Venues, they were able to transform their space into a community hub.

Community Stewardship: What’s Inspiring Us

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