Emerging Work in Westminster – FRESC: Good Jobs, Strong Communities

February 12, 2015

A new campaign is emerging in the Metro Region. In the city of Westminster, just a few miles from the heart of Denver, the ground game has begun. Neighborhood leaders and FRESC community organizers are hitting the streets with flyers and clipboards in hand to tackle the litany of issues and opportunities possible in their neighborhood. This team of leaders has identified what they want to change about their community and set out with the goal of shaping a place that is more inclusive, affordable, and walkable. Their vision: development that creates a place for everyone to live, not just the wealthy few; where sidewalks are wide and well lit, bikes zoom by in their own dedicated lanes, and the public transportation they ride is affordable and gets their family where they need to go. This work has kicked off with an ambitious door knocking blitz in the communities adjacent to proposed rail stations that these leaders hope will serve as a catalyst for community growth and economic mobility for all.

The stages are clear: will this development work for the community or will it work to displace the community? Will city staff and planners be open to input from traditionally marginalized and ignored constituencies or will they continue the status quo process they have relied on to “engage” constituents? Will the community be able to take ownership of the built environment at their door steps and mold it to fit their needs or will they engage in another planning process that they never see the results of?

Where is this work happening? Who are the leaders? How can you be a part of this community shaping work? Join us for a meeting, turn out for an action or event and become a part of these efforts with us! Check back to this blog for the next update on this campaign and the progress made since our first blitz of door knocking.