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36 Commuting Solutions

Award Amount: $24,437

Proposed Activities: The grant funding supported the implementation of key recommendation from the 2012 US 36 First and Final Mile Study, which was the establishment of Bus/Bike Secure Bike Parking along the 36 corridor.

BuCu West Development Association

Award Amount: $25,000

Proposed Activities: The grant funding supported a coordinated local effort in the Westwood neighborhood to organize residents to advocate for and create affordable transit options, improve active living near transit connections, and prepare a plan for implementation of the Urban Land Institute’s healthy communities plan for transit.

Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition

Award Amount: $22,000

Proposed Activities: In partnership with Mile High Connects, CCDC will continue to enhance transportation-focused advocacy for people with disabilities. This effort includes training current advocates, doing community outreach and securing legitimate participation for 2 people with disabilities in policy development related to transit. All components of our endeavor will have a specific focus on promoting transportation that facilitates access to employment, education, housing and health care. Including people with disabilities in decision-making and ensuring these individuals have a “chair at the table” is essential for developing an inclusive and accessible community.

Colorado Jobs With Justice

Award Amount: $25,000

Building both grassroots and organizational support within Colorado Jobs with Justice’s (JWJ) coalition members for income-based fares and passes as well as other accessibility measures, Jobs With Justice will mobilize our base to deepen the impact of grassroots community driven campaigns. JWJ will build the capacity of their members to speak and take on leadership roles within the work and integrate the work into their Fair Chance and Caring Across Generations campaign.

Cultivando (formerly Community Enterprise)

Award Amount: $22,000 

Proposed Activities: Cultivando will focus on a promotora-led community education, engagement, and collective advocacy on affordable housing, gentrification, affordable/accessible transit, and community driven policies that protect low-income families from displacement in the vicinity of the planned 72nd Avenue light rail station in Commerce City, the 88th Ave station in South Thornton, and the Federal Boulevard Station in South Westminster.

Denver Housing Authority

Award Amount: $14,664

Proposed Activities: The funding supported the Transit Ambassador Program whose main purpose was to broaden, strengthen and expand residents’ knowledge and use of public transit and other transportation programs available to people over 55.

Denver Shared Spaces Project

Award Amount: $7,500

Proposed Activities: The grant supported the TOD objectives of DSSP by funding staff time and hard costs associated with community engagement efforts, participation in and contribution to institutional planning efforts, and management of tenant identification processes for the redevelopment of S. Lincoln Homes and the planned redevelopment of Sun Valley.

eGo Car Share

Award Amount: $25,000

Proposed Activities: The grant supported a “Multi-modal Toolkit” for approximately 500 affordable housing households in the Mariposa District and Globeville Townhomes. The Toolkit included a transit pass (via RTD’s Neighborhood Eco Pass Program), discounted carshare usage rates, access to bikes, and transportation info/maps.

Groundwork Denver

Award Amount: $19,970

Proposed Activities: Grant funding supported a project that focused on making the transit system more accessible to low-income Spanish-speakers living near new transit stations, with the goal of increasing opportunities for employment, education and good health.

Growing Home

Award Amount: $22,000

Proposed Activities: Growing Home will continue to implement its Blocks of Hope project. Growing Home will expand outreach to the community to address changes due to transit oriented-development and the resulting effects to the local housing markets and sense of community.

Globeville Elyria-Swansea (GES) Right to LiveWell

Award Amount: $22,000

Proposed Activities: Grant funding will support the convening of a collaborative Globeville, Elyria-Swansea Development Without Displacement nonprofit coalition, comprised of GES community leaders, allies, and stakeholders to launch a GES-based housing campaign and resident leadership organizing committee. The Committee will build community owned solutions centered on the most critical issues identified by GES neighbors: affordable housing, affordable transportation, and protection of the unique community.

Montbello Organizing Committee

Award Amount: $20,000

Proposed Activities: Grant funding will continue to support this emerging organization to engage residents and build their leadership and community organizing skills to proactively address issues they identify, such as access to housing, healthy food, and good paying jobs along the FasTracks system’s Northeast line and bus routes that run through the community in NE Denver and Montbello.

Metro West Housing Solutions

Award Amount: $20,427

Proposed Activities: Lamar Station Crossing is an exceptional example of creative place-making. It is the first residential TOD along the West Rail Line in an underserved, lower income neighborhood in the newly created 40 West Arts District. Funding from Mile High Connects assisted the organization in completing the last mile connections to the surrounding neighborhood and Lamar Station.


Award Amount: $25,000 

Proposed Activities: Pioneer Village Mobile Home Park offers critical affordable housing near transit. This project supported residents in taking the first steps to establishing a collective voice through an HOA with the long-­‐term goal of creating a resident owned community (ROC).

Padres y Jóvenes Unidos

Award Amount: $25,000 and $19,393.25 

Proposed Activities: The grants supported expanding the Success Express initiative, which connects low-income students of color in SW Denver to educational opportunities. Success Express provides transportation to schools that are implementing Extended Learning Time, as well as to existing before and after school programs that are shown to increase student engagement and performance.

Rights for All People

Award Amount: $25,000 and $25,000

Proposed Activities: The initial funding supported a half-time organizer to expand the organizations capacity to design and win a campaign on transit and housing issues, all of which will be informed by Aurora community residents. Current funding supports affordable bus and light rail fares for low-income riders. RAP will work to ensure that bus service routes are preserved in Original Aurora.


Award Amount: $25,000

Proposed Activities: Grant funds for Radian supported the architectural design services to Park Hill Village West, a TOD site owned by the Urban Land Conservancy, along the new East Rail Line. Radian is a critical link, bringing professional expertise to a community inclusive process, and enabling residents to communicate their aspirations to developers.

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

Award Amount: $24,200

Proposed Activities: The project supported RMFU: 1) conduct local and national research to identify cooperative childcare center models that serve low-income families and create good jobs for childcare workers, 2) develop a replicable model for Denver, focused on TOD sites, and 3) begin development of a center at a pilot site.

Walk Denver

Award Amount: $20,000

Proposed Activities: The grant funds supported the assessment of walkability in particular low-income communities in Denver. WalkDenver teamed up with PlaceMatters to assess walkability and walk-access to transit in the City and County of Denver at both the citywide and neighborhood scales, particularly in areas adjacent to schools in under-resourced communities.

Westwood Unidos

Award Amount: $19,393.25 and $10,560

Proposed Activities: Grant funds were used to employ a Spanish Speaking organizer to do outreach along Morrison Road in Westwood. The community engagement efforts will include working on: improving first and last mile connectivity to bus routes through lighting petition drives, improving first and last mile connectivity to bus routes through alley improvements, and publicizing the Route 4 bus line in the community.

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