Grantee Highlight – GES Right to Live Well

September 7, 2016

Preventing Resident Displacement in Globeville Elyria Swansea

Why do we need to power map? Because residents are being involuntarily displaced from Globeville Elyria Swansea neighborhood daily, local schools are 10-25% down in enrollment, and many existing residents have little protection from being displaced (lack of a contract, resources, lawyers, money). GES histories and peoples are worth preserving and GES is a culturally rich and connected neighborhood. A great deal of capital is being invested in the neighborhood and has the potential to displace over 100 families. All of these factors have spurred residents into action to preserve their community.

Power mapping enables us to strategize together about what next steps to take to build power at the community level. We believe community led and owned solutions will address the issues at hand best, and organizing together can change the power dynamic we are currently experiencing. Stay tuned for a report from over 500 residents in GES surveyed on housing and workforce development. This work is led by the GES Housing Campaign, which is comprised and supported by residents and local organizations with roots in GES.


Power Mapping Session with GES Resident Leaders and GES Housing Coalition Organizations