Grantee Highlights

October 5, 2016


Cultivando works in the Promotora Model across South Adams County to foster and support community-driven affordable housing advocacy and policy solutions. Cultivando Promotoras work to organize and train community members living in mobile home parks and vulnerable affordable housing units to understand the pressure on their housing costs and to understand and identify solutions, and then to advocate collaboratively with decision-makers. Simultaneously and informed by community, Cultivando staff advocates to local decision makers about inclusive policies and practices that both include diverse community members in decision making AND push for long-term, creative affordable housing options that meet the needs of mixed-documentation status families and others.

Cultivando believes that the best policies are community-driven, and that those impacted by inequality and health disparities MUST be at the table in order to create effective solutions. Our communities will only benefit from transportation and housing improvements IF they can access them and afford them.