Affordable bus and light rail fares for low-income riders and commuters

Through engagement with community residents, employers and service providers alike, affordability of bus and light rail fares and passes was identified as a significant barrier for low-income communities reliant on transit. With higher fare and pass prices having rolled out in 2016, affordability became an even more pressing concern.

Mile High Connects and its Affordable Fares Task Force are working with the Regional Transportation District (RTD) to address transit affordability for low-income riders. Current work is underway around a proposal that RTD offer 50% reduced price fares and passes for those make 150% of the Federal Poverty Level or less (about $35,000 for a family of four). This discount would be similar to those already offered to seniors and older adults, those with disabilities and youth ages 6-19.

More information regarding the current status of the conversation can be read here.


of many low-income families' monthly budget is consumed on combined housing and transportation costs.


of a minimum wage worker's salary is needed to afford a bus pass at a regular rate each month.

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