Improve first and last mile connections in neighborhoods and job centers

122 miles of new commuter rail and light rail, 18 miles of bus rapid transit, but…how are you going to get from your home to the station? Or from the station to your job? Ranging from missing sidewalks to neighborhood safety concerns, many communities in the region are unable to fully access transit options because of a lack of first and last mile connections.

Mile High Connects is working to make sure that neighborhood infrastructure is in place to help people get safely to transit stations, housing options, jobs, educational opportunities, grocery stores, health care facilities and other community amenities.


Pedestrian fatalities occur four times more than the national average in areas where more than 25% of the population lives under the federal poverty level.


of low income communities have sidewalks on one or both sides of the street, compared to 89% in high-income areas.

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