Meeting the Moment: MHC 2019-2020 Community Impact Report

Last year was difficult for everyone. But through the efforts of those around the Mile High Connects collaborative table, we were able to come together to ensure our region’s residents had a roof over their heads, food on their table, and access to transit. Mile High Connects is pleased to share it’s 2019-2020 Impact Report with our community.

Highlights include:

Photo: Highlights six key areas of work MHC led in 2020.

What’s Mile High Connects up to?

The Mile High Connects coalition has been hard at work outlining its priorities for the next year. This workplan represents the work of our steering committee and partners, coming together to advance equitable development in the Denver metro region.

Who are our partners coming together with Mile High Connects?

(Note: These partners are working on components of our joint workplan to advance our collective priorities. Additional collaborators may be engaged to move the work forward. * indicates the partner is a steering committee member and/or member of our sub-governance committees)

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